Our company is currently exporting Ordinary Portland Cement 42.5 N/R – type I,  Moderate Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement 42.5 N/R –  type II and Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement 42.5 N/R – type V 
– Ordinary Portland Cement (type I)
– Moderate Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement (type II)
– Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement (type V)
The cement is available in 2 different packaging:
1. 50kg PP bags on pallet of 1MT
2. Bulk cement in Jumbo Bag of 1 MT
*Customized labeling it’s possible but in this case the payment is 100% in advance. The increase of the price will be informed accordingly.
Price of cement
We quote in FOB terms only, because the cost of the shipment depends on the destination of the goods.
Shipping Cost and Insurance
Once the buyer agreed on our FOB prices and terms, and we have received an ICPO, we can arrange the shipment for the buyer through our shipping partner, however the final price negotiation, contract and  payment of the cost is directly with the shipping company not trough us, to avoid any misunderstanding on the cost of the cement.
Shipping partners of our buyers are most welcome.
We can provide an estimate cost of the shipping, to let the buyer take any decision before to send the ICPO
This document will be provided by the buyer to us after the first negotiation via email or similar way, the ICPO has to allow the Soft Probe in order to verify the funds availability before to bind the parts.
We don’t require prepayment, we accept Irrevocable letter of credit, once transferable. L/C should be confirmed by a primary bank in case is not top 100.
Port of Loading
We work with many factories and the port of loading will be informed before to accept the ICPO after the first negotiation. The decision of the port depends on the quantity, quality, and final destination.
We handle till 100.000 mt each months maximum of different quality, buyers can require spot in case of small quantities. Contracts have priority.
Load rate:
This depends on the port of loading and its facilities, will be informed before the ICPO is sent.
A contract will be signed between the parties before to open any bank instrument.



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