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Heritage al amussallamco


It was the year 1922, when the family of our founder and current President, Dr. Mohammed Aqeel Mussallam, was expanding in the regional market as an importer and trader of food, textiles, carpets from India, Persia and other countries of far east, producers of goods in great demand in the Persian Gulf.

It's the family heritage that drives the young Mussallam to start a business on their own, at the end of the sixties, first with a partner, but soon later, in 1970, he will run alone along a road paved with commercial successes, especially the trade of glass and contracting, creating works that still stand against the sky, as the water tank, or join parts of the city, such as bridges.

You could have already seen from the frown of the nineteen Mussallam, who shot 2 times the world by bicycle, that perseverance is the main gift that granted him the wanted and deserved success.

A youth spent among the scouts, an adolescence that led him to reach important goals and to meet political figures of the time, as Presidents and Prime Ministers of nations, who have praised the achievement which is still considered as such. A maturity that leads him into the military first, and then engages him in trade, with a structure that had reached a production capacity of glasses worth the 40% of national demand and a group of enterprises that employed about 1200 workers. Until the Iraqi invasion, that in the nineties has had a tremendous impact on the nation civil, social, commercial and industrial life.

The military inheritance led Mussallam once again facing a deed, and the most important, the strongest. To organize the resistance to defeat the country against the enemy invasion. A duty that left him proven in the depths of the soul as well as in the body, requiring a strong tribute also from his family.

At the end of the war and after a long time away from the enterprise and the first line of business, Mussallam continues to drive his companies today, achieving commercial success in the sale of glass for industrial buildings and private residences.

To the glass and mirrors other products and services were aggregate that make the company,  a modern corporation and the ideal partner for each client, whether a corporation or an end user. Without losing our motto: Enthusiasm & Commitment.


Our vision is to provide a complete service to our customer being Committed to improving constantly and with the Enthusiasm of the first day.


By the constant research of new technology and new product sources to satisfy the rising market request, our mission is constantly accomplished. The virtuosity of our workers and employee, for the everyday tasks, produces the long lasting partnership between us our customer and suppliers. This 3-ways knot is constantly tied up by daily goals reached together.

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